WW2 Leather Jacket

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: Vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket w/ Disney Patch for $1,876.99

Another vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket with a Disney patch sold this week for almost $1,900…. It’s interesting to see all these Disney patched A2 jacketsĀ popping up on eBay. When it rains, it pours I suppose. I loved the look of the leather on this jacket – perfectly patina’d and worn. The art work on the back is excellent as well. ThisĀ vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket just needed to be noted…. Enjoy.

Here are the details:

Vintage WWII US ARMY AIR FORCE TYPE A-2 Flight Jacket crown zipper B-17 ? paint

Seller: mt_whitney_usa / El Monte, CA

Price: $1,876.99

Label: No Label

Condition: Leather looks good, knit cuffs have some holes, no label.


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 3

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 4

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 5

Vintage WW2 Leather Jacket 6

Vintage WW2 Leather Jacket 7



Sold on eBay: WW2 Black Widow A2 Flight Jacket Officers Grouping

A gorgeous WW2 A2 Flight Jacket Grouping is currently available on eBay. With 5 days left in the auction, it’s jumped up over 4k. You’ve still got some time to transfer some funds to make a play at it if you’re interested.

The Jacket is gorgeous, I do wish there were more detailed photos of the boots though. They look amazing.


Seller: the_nations_attic

Location: Wichita, Kansas

Sold for: …. $6655.88


Check out the completed listing of the lot at the link below….



P 61 Black Widow A 2 Flight Jacket Officers Grouping 547th 349th Night Fighter | eBay.