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Harley Davidson Jersey 1

Vintage Harley Davidson Jerseys & Sweaters in B&W

I surprised myself and signed up for Pinterest a week ago. What’s even more surprising is how much I’ve enjoyed perusing it all.  From vintage motorcycle jackets and military apparel to circus advertisements, vintage family vacation portraits and even this creepy Walter White mask.  How fun!

Some of the excellent vintage motorcycle photos I’ve “Pinterested”  have been great examples of vintage Harley Davidson jerseys and sweaters. Many of these were produced from the 1920’s through the late 1940’s. Harley Davidson produced some of the greatest motorcycle apparel during these times. Have a look below.

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Harley Davidson Jersey 1

Harley Davidson Goodyear knit.


Vintage Harley Competition Sweater

Harley Davidson V-neck partnered with a tie is pure class.


Harley Davidson Jersey 3

Another Harley Davidson Goodyear knit.


Vintage Harley Jerseys 2

Racing in some classic Harley Davidson Jerseys.


Excellent Harley Apparel

Amazing knits, jerseys and jackets here.

Vintage B&W Photos Colorized.

I came across a post at Twisted Sifter the other day and I found it to be gorgeous. It was a collection of classic B&W photographs edited into beautiful color. They really are fascinating. It’s amazing at how much life the color brings to these shots and is a great reminder of what the world looked like just a few decades ago.

Here are a few of my favorites…


Unemployed Lumber Worker 1939




Testing Bullet Proof Vest 1923




Baltimore Kid 1938




You can see the Twisted Sifter blog post here:

Many of the contributors that are referenced in that blog post are found on reddit here:








Rooftop Photo 1949.


In my searches across the country, I’ve stumbled upon many old black and white photographs. Some are old family portraits that get tossed aside as they get passed down from generation to generation. Some are yearbook photos and club portraits documenting another year gone by. I think back to all the time I’ve spent rifling through boxes of old photographs, most of which I never purchased, and regret that I don’t have trunks full of these old snapshots. I just don’t have any space for them, and I’m doing my hardest not to hoard.

I have no clue why this photo was taken. Look at the warm glow of the city lights behind them. The photo-bomber in the corner having a look over the edge all by his lonesome. No idea why these people were gathered on the rooftop that evening, but I do know one guy didn’t care too much for being there… Have a look.

Do you have old photos of gatherings or events? My favorite are from the 1920’s through the 1950’s – pompadours, motorcycle jackets and old work wear.


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