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1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 10

Sold on eBay: 1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club Photo

Some of my favorite finds are the old panoramic shots from the early part of the century through the 1940’s. The beautiful settings, the level of quality detail, the fashion trends – all make these excellent slices of Americana at it’s finest. 

This photograph comes from a motorcycle club meeting outside Grider Cycle Shop in 1927. It sold on eBay by way of best offer. It was listed at $385. I wish I would have bought it because it’s a great photograph of classic motorcycle culture.

Here are the details:


Seller: miamisunshine / Miami, FL
Price: $385 : Best Offer
Condition: “very good condition”

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1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 10

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 8

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 7

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 9

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 2

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 4

Flapper Girl on an Indian Motorcycle by Charles Gates Sheldonjpg

Sold on eBay: Flapper Girl On An Indian Motorcycle by Charles Sheldon

Recently, I’ve spent a lot of time searching for old photographs of motorcycles, apparel and any other vintage American subjects. I couldn’t escape this auction for a 1920’s photograph  taken by Charles Gates Sheldon of a flapper girl sitting atop a beautiful vintage Indian Motorcycle. It sold on April 3rd for a cool $431.88!  Grapefruit Moon Gallery has a really great write up on the illustrator and artist, Charles Sheldon, who was active from the turn of the century through the 1950’s. More of Sheldon’s classic illustrations can be found here.

From Grapefruit’s eBay auction page:

“You are bidding on a 1920 – 1928 in era sepia 5″ by 7″ inch original vintage photograph of a daring flapper girl enthralled and stylish on her art deco modernist Indian Motorcycle. This is pure and simple a great original antique archived old advertising photograph used for Fox Shoes. With her rolled down stockings, adorable pumps, and bare legs, she is certainly dressed for a wild time! A great old still with art deco elements and really tremendous beauty.A great jazz age and roaring 20s view. The model appears to be Eileen Percy, one of Sheldon’s favorites.

This photograph was taken by Charles Gates Sheldon at his Carnegie Hall studio, where he created advertising pastels and paintings for lingerie companies, Fox shoes, Breck shampoo (he originated the “Breck girl” campaign), and movie magazine cover portraits. Sheldon maintained a studio at Carnegie Hall in New York City during the 1920s-30s, and photographed the glamorous Hollywood film stars of the era for his cover portrait work. Stars who sat for Sheldon include: Jean Harlow, Clara Bow, Marion Davies, Gloria Swanson, Pola Negri, Olive Borden, Mary Pickford, and literally dozens of others. What makes this collection so interesting is these stills were never meant for public consumption, they were taken to be used for his pastel portraiture work. Many are unscripted – Sheldon was an amateur photographer essentially and it is unique to see such glamorous stars posed often times so informally.”

Here are the auction details:

Seller: grapefruitmoongallery / Minneapolis, MN

Price: $431.88 (23 bids)

Condition: “Excellent”

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Flapper Girl on an Indian Motorcycle by Charles Gates Sheldonjpg

Flapper Girl on an Indian Motorcycle by Charles Gates Sheldon 3Check out that great leather coat!

Charles Gates SheldonA dapper Charles Gates Sheldon via Grapefruit Moon Galleries.


A Trip Down Market Street, San Francisco 1906

This excellent silent film entitled “A Trip Down Market Street” allows us to step back in time and experience the city of San Francisco as it was just a week before the 1906 earthquake and subsequent fire that destroyed almost every building we see on film. It’s a bit haunting to realize a large number of the people we see only had a few short days to live.

The architecture, the fashion, the technology and the American spirit are on full display as we take the 3 mile trip down market street. I think the most glaring observation is the complete lack of traffic laws. Early motor vehicles, street cars, carriages and bicyclists dart back and forth across the frame narrowly missing passing pedestrians as the town bussles with activity.

Also included is a 60 Minutes piece about the film. Morley Safer fills in the gaps about the mystery of who created this and why. It’s worth a watch and certainly a “don’t miss” if you’re a fan of American history.




The Many Fashionable Sides of Our 35th President, John F. Kennedy

Today marks 50 years since John F. Kennedy was assassinated driving through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas. Putting aside all the conspiracy theories, the political spin, the legacy of the Kennedy family and every hot button topic about the man, there is no doubt our 35th President had style. He represented then, and still represents today, a classic American style that will always stand the test of time. Lets take a look at some of those style choices…


JFK As A Boy


Lookin’ dapper early.




John, with his father Joseph, as a teenager.


John F Kennedy 2


In the service. I believe those are American Optical sunglasses and an excellent cap.


John F Kennedy 8


Campaign. With all of his illnesses, JFK was a bit dainty. But what I find most intriguing about this photo is the kid with the gun in his own face in the foreground.




John with his daughter Caroline. Fitted suit and spotted skinny tie.


John F Kennedy 5


Does it get any more American? Mr. Lauren would be proud.


JFK In New Mexico






Ah man, the blue shawl cardigan sweater…. love it.


John F Kennedy 11


Tension. When you’ve got Jackie at your side and you contrast yourself with LBJ, anyone can look good – even in the midst of the hottest policital landscapes.


John F Kennedy 6


This is JFK’s Presidential Flight Jacket – it recently sold at auction!


John F Kennedy 4


Tortoise framed Ray Ban sunglasses.


John F Kennedy 9

No one’s ever worn striped socks better.



Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 6

Vintage Grand Canyon Photos from Classic Family Vacations

I’ve always loved the National Parks. So why not enjoy the beauty of the Grand Canyon through classic photos of awkward teenagers, sepia tones and embarrassing dads?

Here’s are some vintage Grand Canyon photos of classic family vacations and roadtrips:


Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 4

Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 1

Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 5jpg

Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 6

Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 2

Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 3

Vintage Grand Canoyon Vacation Photos 8

Vintage Grand Canyon Vacation Photos 7


Do you have any vintage photos of classic family vacations? We’d love to see them. Send an email through the CONTACT page. We’d love to see what you have!

1940's Tatoo Colorized

More Excellent Vintage B&W Photos Colorized

I’ve been digging through several posts submitted by users over at Reddit about these excellent old black & white photos colorized. Some are better than others but they really do bring a different perspective to the period. I grabbed a few of my favorites…


Steam Engine Colorized

An excellent locomotive shot.


Marilyn Colorized

Marilyn. Of course.


1940's Tatoo Colorized

Love that tattoo.


Kids Playing Colorized

This one’s great.


Lady Smoking Colorized

Lady smoking.


Killed Colorized

Awesome. This one would land in you in prison now days.



Vintage Redwoods Vacation Photos


I always enjoy checking out vintage photographs of classic vacation spots. These old photos often capture the beauty and romance of the great American road trip.  The roadside attractions, the vintage vehicles and the gorgeous look of film (long before the days of Instagram) make these relics of days gone by.

It’s been a while since I’ve seen the Redwoods, since 2006 I believe. But the splendor and greatness of these forests is captured no where else but there. I’ve got to get back.

Have a look at these vintage Redwoods vacation photos.





Lanes Redwood Flats 01



Redwoods 1