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Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Sold on eBay: Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket w/ Patches for $1675

So, here’s a beautiful vintage WW2 A2 leather jacket with a gorgeous history and a gorgeous patina. Made from the best horsehide available back in the early 1940’s, this excellent jacket has withstood the test of time.

From the listing:

“You are admiring a fine example of a WWII cable rain coats co. A-2. except for the male starter side of the zipper, and some loose stitching at the back of the collar, the jacket is in excellent condition. the jacket has a two cbi patches and a name tag sewn on that are original to the jacket. on the left sleeve is a cloth 5th aaf patch, and on the front chest is a 33rd bomb squad painted on leather patch. both patches are a little faded, and the leather patch has hair line fissures. there are leather squares on the epaulets where 2nd louie bars once were. i have no information about the airman. the horse hide shell is in nice supple condition all around. the liner is is in above average condition, with the usual separation at the top back. the nomenclature label is intact and clear, but the size tag has been removed at some point. the male side of original kwik zipper has come apart from the tape, but with care the jacket can still be zipped up. the jacket size is in the vicinity of a size 40 or smaller size 42. with the zipper repaired, this jacket will make for a splendid wearer or a fine addition to any wwll aaf collection.”

Here are the auction details:

a-2 jacket, original wwll a-2 jacket, cbi, horse hide jacket, named & patched.

Seller: 1stpursuit / New York, NY

Price: $1,675

Label: Type A-2 Property Air Forces, U.S. Army

Condition: “Zipper starter has issues.” Leather looks to be in good shape, interior has some tearing and usual wear and tear.


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 3

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 4

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 5

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 8

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 6

Vintage Grizzly Jacket Gallery

Sold on eBay: 1930’s Vintage Grizzly Jacket in Horsehide Leather for $1,850

Here’s an excellent vintage Grizzly jacket that sold at auction. Stella Coats in the UK has been cranking out excellent vintage apparel for quite some time – this one’s no exception. In terrific condition and showing a great patina, this grizzly sold for an excellent amount on eBay. From the listing:

“Overall Stunning Jacket, Leather has a worn but superb looking patina with no damage or marks and only minor cracking on one shoulder. Lamb panels are Stunning and beautifully rich with no real wear or damage, a small bit matted on the back shoulder corner but minor fault and doesnt really affect the look of the jacket (see close up pictures).”

Here are the auction details:

Original Vintage 1930s GRIZZLY Leather HORSEHIDE Motorcycle Jacket Lambskin Fur

Seller: stella_coats / Nuneaton, United Kingdom

Price: $1,850.17

Label: “Bonds Style Manor” / no size.

Condition: Overall Stunning jacket, leather has a worn but superb looking patina with no damage or marks. Missing one of the adjustable side straps unfortunately.


vintage grizzly jacket 1

vintage grizzly jacket 9

vintage grizzly jacket 10

vintage grizzly jacket 2

vintage grizzly jacket 4

vintage grizzly jacket 5

vintage grizzly jacket 3

vintage grizzly jacket 6

vintage grizzly jacket 8

vintage grizzly jacket 7

vintage grizzly jacket 12

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: Vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket w/ Disney Patch for $1,876.99

Another vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket with a Disney patch sold this week for almost $1,900…. It’s interesting to see all these Disney patched A2 jackets popping up on eBay. When it rains, it pours I suppose. I loved the look of the leather on this jacket – perfectly patina’d and worn. The art work on the back is excellent as well. This vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket just needed to be noted…. Enjoy.

Here are the details:

Vintage WWII US ARMY AIR FORCE TYPE A-2 Flight Jacket crown zipper B-17 ? paint

Seller: mt_whitney_usa / El Monte, CA

Price: $1,876.99

Label: No Label

Condition: Leather looks good, knit cuffs have some holes, no label.


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 3

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 4

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 5

Vintage WW2 Leather Jacket 6

Vintage WW2 Leather Jacket 7


Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 4

Sold on eBay: Vintage Buco Leather Jacket Model J-100 in Horsehide for $1,075

Here’s an excellent example of a vintage Buco leather jacket model  J-100 unlined and in horsehide. From an original 1953 Buco advertisement for the “J-100 Leather Shirt” :

“Perfect for summer riding and a “must” for competition riders. Made of lightweight top quality black horsehide that is unlined and form fitting. Snap-button collar, zipper front and wrist closures. Double stitched throughout for durability. Can be worn outside or tucked in pants. Sizes 36 to 46.”

Retail price in that catalouge for this J-100? ….$30.50. Quite the increase. These vintage Buco leather jackets sell for these prices because of the top quality craftsmanship and the beautiful cut and detailing. The horsehide and double stitching will allow these jackets to survive the next 80 years.

Here are the details:

Vintage Buco Unlined Tanned Horsehide Cafe Racer Leather Jacket Unusual Tag

Seller: chiro98 / Franklin, TN

Price: $1,075

Label: Buco Horsehide  size 40

Condition: “Fine gently pre-owned condition with little wear and no issues!” The leather looks terrific and all zippers appear to be original and in working order.



Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 1

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 2

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 3

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 4

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 5

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 6

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 7

Vintage Buco Leather Jacket J-100 8

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint Featured

Sold on eBay: WW2 A2 Leather Jacket w/ Disney Peg Leg Pete Patch for $2,152

This really nice WW2 A2 Leather Jacket sold on eBay November 10th. It was sold by The Nations Attic out of Wichita, Kansas. They’ve posted some gorgeous A2 jackets over the last several years and this one is no exception. From the listing:


“This jacket belonged originally to a member of a B-17 crew when he used this jacket. He was part of the 603rd Bomb Squadron, 398th Bomb Group. Above is a great close-up photo of Disney designed 603rd Bomb Squadron patch featuring Peg Leg Pete! Disney designed this patch during early World War 2. This patch is embroidered or chenille. This style is the primary style found in World War 2 period photos.

Above the patch is the painted name “Clint”. Unfortunately we are not sure who Clint is from our limited research, but there are plenty of clues on this jacket to possible trace him down! We do know he was in the 603rd Bomb Squadron and we also know his entire mission record which is painted on the back of the jacket. With this information we can determine the date of his first and last missions!

This jacket has a wonderful vintage feel and look to it. Worn over countless bomb runs over France and Germany. This jacket is perfect for both display and wearing! The leather is still soft with the jacket being a very nice size 38!”

Here are the details of the sale:


Seller: the_nations_attic / Wichita, KS

Price: $2,152

Label: Perry Sportswear Sz. 38

Condition: Leather is terrific and the original Crown zippers exists and works well. Beautiful jacket.



WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 1

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 4

WW2 A2 Leather Flight Jacket Clint 3

WW2 A2 Leather Flight Jacket Clint 2

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 5

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 6

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 8

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 7

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 9

Vintage Bates Jacket 4

1960’s Striped Vintage Bates Leather Jacket from the Archive

Bates Mfg. Company was established in 1940 by Bob Bates in Los Angeles, California. In the beginning, Bob had intentions of making the company into a motorcycle accessories company like the midwest brand Buco and Beck. They made a produced everything for motorcycles from windshields to saddleseats to leather shirts. Bob retired in 1967 and sold the company to to Robert Rudolph who then changed the name to Bates Industries, Inc. and moved to Long Beach, California. It was a great era for the company. Their jackets became more of a priority and they started developing a terrific repuatation as a flat track racer jacket manufacturer. Their biggest achievement in the 1960’s was turning the all-black raceway gear into bright yellows, blues and reds. Bates also gave the consumer several customizing options to make their jackets unique to them. The Grindle family took over Bates in 1996 and they’re still cranking out jackets of high quality to this day.

This particular vintage Bates leather jacket comes from the archives of wearekoalas, these photos are from back in Cedarville. I miss that wall and the excellent old wood floor. My pocketbook doesn’t miss heating that place though… enough about me. This vintage Bates leather jacket was made of an excellent blue color steerhide that had patina’d very nicely! The stripes down the chest and around the arms were excellent customizable additions. I believe this model jacket was produced in the late 1960’s through the mid 1970’s. when the transitioned to their second tag. This one was a great size too. I kinda wish I had this one back for the fall season.

Check out these photos below:


Vintage Bates Jacket 1

Vintage Bates Jacket 2

Vintage Bates jacket 3

Vintage Bates Jacket 4

Vintage Bates Jacket 5

Vintage Bates Jacket 6

Vintage Bates Jacket 7

Vintage Bates Jacket 9

IMG_1545 (3)

Buco Leather Jacket model J-22 in Horsehide from the early 1950’s.

One of the greatest and most collectible jackets in the vintage industry is the Buco leather jacket model J-22 in horsehide. This one had the plaid interior liner and the original mouton collar – perfect for the fall riding season! As far as I know the mouton collars were considered “after market” parts of the jacket and were purchased as accessories to these jackets. This one comes to you from the wearekoalas archive – I believe it passed through my online store back in 2011. It appeared that everything on the jacket was all original except for the Scovill main zipper – you can see there’s some extra thread in the stitching around the main zip. I don’t remember these ever having Scovill zippers as original zips. I’ve seen them mostly with the Talon main zippers. If it was replaced, it was done quite a number of years ago.  Beyond that, the jacket was in excellent shape – the horsehide leather was showing a terrific patina, the wool interior liner was immaculate and showed no signs of piling or real wear.  The belt had obviously been used a lot and was showing some great wear but still completely functional.

The retail price of the J-22 Buco leather jacket in 1953 was $32.75 without the additional mouton collar which would set you back an additional $4-5. Now days, they sell for much, much more…

Have a look at some photos of this gorgeous jacket:


IMG_1545 (3)

IMG_1548 (2)


IMG_1554 (2)

IMG_1555 (2)

IMG_1556 (2)

IMG_1558 (2)


IMG_1551 (2)




IMG_1562 (2)

IMG_1561 (2)

IMG_1560 (2)

IMG_1559 (2)

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: Block Bilt 1930’s Horsehide Leather Jacket for $1,949!

In the 1930’s there were several sportswear companies established in the state of California. They would emphasize this fact on their labels with statements such as “Styled and Tailored in California” – Block Bilt was one such company. Block Bilt was originally a saddle company but they had built a repuatiation as one of the best 1930’s horsehide leather jacket makers in Los Angeles. The brand bounced from the scene by the early 1960’s. Along with these aviator style jackets, Block Bilt also made California highway patrol (CHP) jackets under the “Star” brand name. They were constructed of top quality, thick horsehide leather as well.

I’ve seen this aviator jacket before. Some have had amazing back detailing and western yoking across the shoulders. This one has the plain back. The condition seems to be as close to deadstock as you can be. Everything is original and in working order. There appears to be no problems with the leather and the interior liner is near perfect. $2,000 seems like a very reasonable selling price for this piece. I just wonder what the end user will end up paying….

Have a look.


1930s-40s Block Bilt HORSEHIDE Motorcycle Jacket & ORIGINAL Care Pamphlet NICE!!

Seller: eclectibilia / Bellevue, ID

Price: $1,949

Label: Block Bilt Sportswear

Condition: Excellent.



Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 2

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 3

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 7

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 4

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 5

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 6