Vintage Harley Daavidson

Harley Davidson Jersey 1

Vintage Harley Davidson Jerseys & Sweaters in B&W

I surprised myself and signed up for Pinterest a week ago. What’s even more surprising is how much I’ve enjoyed perusing it all.  From vintage motorcycle jackets and military apparel to circus advertisements, vintage family vacation portraits and even this creepy Walter White mask.  How fun!

Some of the excellent vintage motorcycle photos I’ve “Pinterested”  have been great examples of vintage Harley Davidson jerseys and sweaters. Many of these were produced from the 1920’s through the late 1940’s. Harley Davidson produced some of the greatest motorcycle apparel during these times. Have a look below.

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Harley Davidson Jersey 1

Harley Davidson Goodyear knit.


Vintage Harley Competition Sweater

Harley Davidson V-neck partnered with a tie is pure class.


Harley Davidson Jersey 3

Another Harley Davidson Goodyear knit.


Vintage Harley Jerseys 2

Racing in some classic Harley Davidson Jerseys.


Excellent Harley Apparel

Amazing knits, jerseys and jackets here.