Vintage Engineer Boots

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 2

Sold on eBay: 1940’s CHIPPEWA Engineer Boots Logger Heel Size 8

Stellar pair of Chippewa engineer boots sold earlier this month with some gorgeous patina. From the listing:

“This is a very nice pair of Chippewa engineer boots and I think they are the 1940 model with a logger heel. They are very dark tobacco brown almost black. I took them to get conditioned and the repairman polished them brown even though I made a point of saying I wanted them black. I might have said a few million curse words. Anyway…. upside is they will match those great brown horsehide jackets and they are a one of a kind color. The horsehide leather is supple and solid, the straps are strong, buckles are good and the heels have a full horseshoe steel tap customized for throwing maximum sparks off the asphalt… I had the steel shanks re-sewn into the back seams and it looks good. These boots can probably be back to the original black again without too much trouble by a competent shoe repairman if you want them to be; but the rich brown black color has grown on me and they are a beautiful pair of boots with tons of original character.”

The brown color, while also being a consequence of the “incompetent” shoe polishing, comes from years of wear. These horeshide boots started out a black color and naturally took on a deep brown color. They are beautiful. Here are the auction details:


Seller: Stacy-4-11 / Seattle, WA
Price: $1,200
Label: Chippewa
Condition: “good”

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 2

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 1

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 3

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 4

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 10

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 11

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 9

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 12

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 8

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 6

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 5

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 13

Harley Davidson 1925 Online Store Banner

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1950's Hercules Leather Jacket 1

Langlitz Leather Pants 1

1930's Harley Davidson Sweater 1

Buco Leather Jacket J-100 1

Harley Davidson 1925This image comes from Shorpy. “Washington, D.C., circa 1925. “H. Addison Bowie.” A motorcycle dealer on H Street. With “Harley-Davidson” in the big window under “Distributors,” and a smaller sign upstairs.” Click it to view the HD version.


Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 1

Sold on eBay: Vintage Engineer Boots Original 1950’s Studded & Jeweled for $2,850!

Whew… This is a beautiful pair of vintage engineer boots. If you don’t follow the Vintage Engineer Boot Blog, you should be. John’s been posting for years and has built quite a resource of information for vintage collectors. He first posted that it was time to let these go back in November and then he posted them to auction on eBay. The final sale price is proof enough of their rarity.

Here are the details:

Vintage 1950’s Studded & Jeweled Engineer Boots – Original!

Seller: rockabilly4 / FPO, Armed Forces Pacific, USA

Price: $2,849.99

Label: No label / Size 8

Condition: “Excellent vintage used condition”

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 2

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 1

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 5

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 3

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 10

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 9

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 11


Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 6

Vintage Studded Engineer Boots 7

Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 3

Sold on eBay: Endicott Johnson Vintage Engineer Boots for $1,350

This pair of vintage engineer boots sold on eBay last week. It’s an amazing price for a pair of boots in a men’s size 7.5…. Wow.

Here are the details….

ENDICOTT JOHNSON Vintage Men’s Engineer Boots Sz 7.5 Black Leather New Soles

Seller: merler-marketing / North Haven, Connecticut

Price: $1,350

Label / Size: Endicott Johnson / 7.5

Condition: Deadstock. New soles.


Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 1

Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 5

Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 3

Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 2

Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 6

Vintage Endicott Johnson Engineer Boots 7

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 1

Sold on eBay: Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots from the 1950’s for $1,525

Here’s an amazing pair of engineer boots that sold on eBay last week. I love this pair of boots. Made by Sears Roebuck, these Wearmaster boots show use but aren’t terribly worn. The color and patina is terrific and the sizing is just about right for a large target audience. $1,500 sale price seems high to me but that’s what happens when rarities like these pop up on the world market in such a desirable men’s size.

Sears Wearmaster Engineer boots. They’ll only get better with age.

Have a look at the details:


Vintage 1950s Sears Wearmaster Brown Leather Engineer Motorcycle Boots Sz 11

Seller: a29fordpu / San Diego, California

Sale Price: $1,525

Label: Wearmaster by Sears Roebuck

Condition: Excellent used condition


Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 1

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 2

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 3

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 4

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 5

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 6

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 7

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 8

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 10

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 11

Sears Wearmaster Engineer Boots 9


Buco 1950’s Engineer Boots in Elk.

Another entry in the wearekoalas collection of past pieces is this pair of gorgeous pair of 1950’s Buco engineer boots. I bought them from a guy in Wisconsin, they were his father’s boots and looked to have little to no wear on them – what we sometimes call “deadstock” across the industry. I had a few questions about the specifics of these boots so I emailed John over at the vintage engineer boot blog for more information. If you haven’t seen his site, it’s quite a resource for all things vintage engineer boots. He was extremely helpful and was kind enough to even post these to his blog. You can see his post here.

These boots were constructed in the 1950’s by the Joseph Buegeleisen Co. and made with Elk leather and brass hardware. (I had emailed John because I was perplexed by the type of leather used for these boots – Elk it is!) The condition was near perfect with just the slightest of scuffing on the soles. I was happy to have these come through my store.

Speaking of our store, we’ve always got interesting and unique pieces passing through, make sure you check us out on eBay at our store page and feel free to contact us directly about items you find there that peak your interest. If you’re looking for particular pieces, have questions or want to provide us some helpful insights – we’d love to hear from you.