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Horsehide Leather Aviator Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: 1930’s Horsehide Leather Car Coat for $2,281

This gorgeous 1930’s horsehide leather car coat sold on eBay back on February 3rd for the amount of $2,281. The patina is absolutely perfect and the built in vest makes it a real rarity. All original buttons exist and function as they should. It’s my opinion that whoever landed this coat got themselves a real deal. Here’s the description from the original listing:

Original belt & Buckle.
Corduroy material lined collar & interior trim.
Elastic cuffs.
2 chest pockets  2 lower front pockets.
The leather Is in really great condition for its age.  Beautiful Patina & Still supple with no cracking or dry spots
No holes, no stitching issues,perfectly patina’d leather that has grown beautiful with age.
All original buttons are present.
Lining in nice condition no cuts tears or moth bites.
This Has No tag on Jacket.
Unknown Maker.

These 1930’s horsehide leather car coats were very popular before WWII and were developed and used by motorcyclists, aviator pilots and hunters before the motorcycle jackets of the 1940′s and 50′s revolutionized the jacket concept.

Almost all of these jackets were constructed from top quality horsehide leather and some were produced with the mouton collars. Almost all of them also included the wool interior liners.

The buttons found on these coats were not enough to protect the motorcycle rider and aviator pilots from the cold wind. In the late 1920′s the government was looking for a solution to the problem and discovered Talon’s zipper design.”

Stunning. See all the photos below. Here are the auction details:


Seller: 925sfairtradeinc / Asheville, NC
Price: $2,281
Label: None
Condition: Absolutely perfect.

Horsehide Leather Aviator Jacket 1

Horsehide Leather Jacket front

Horsehide Leather Jacket back

Horsehide Leather Jacket interior

Horsehide Leather Jacket built in vest

Horsehide Leather Jacket interior detail

Horsehide Leather Jacket collar

Horsehide Leather Jacket detail

Horsehide Leather Jacket belt

Horsehide Leather Jacket pocket

Horsehide Leather Jacket cuff

Horsehide Leather Jacket interior pocket


Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket

Sold on eBay: Vintage Car Club Jacket from the 1950s – SAN DIEGO DEVILS

Vintage Car Club jackets have been all the rave since the conclusion of the second world war. They represent the enduring freedom the classic American hot rod brings to it’s owner. These jackets are a way to get noticed for owning that bad boy vehicle even when you’re not presently sitting in it. The vintage Car Club jacket is a great example of classic Americana. This one sold at auction sometime last week and deserves to be noticed.

Here are the details:

Vintage 50s SAN DIEGO DEVILS Hot Rod Car Club Jacket ORIGINAL Satin Chain Stitch
Price: $1,691.66
Seller: junglejane / San Diego, CA
Label: No label
Condition: Wear And Soiling from Age And Normal Use. Cleaning Recommended.


Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket

Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket 2

Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket 3

Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket 4

Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket 5

Vintage 1950's Devil Car Club Jacket 6