1930’s jacket

Levis Denim Jacket 12

Sold on eBay: Authentic 1920’s Levi Strauss Denim Jacket for $3,000

Terrific buckle back Levi’s Denim jacket from the late 1920’s or early 1930’s sold on eBay back on April 20th.

From the listing:

“Very rarely does a significant piece of denim history like this becomes available for sale! Levi’s Jackets this old (PRE-Red Tab!) are rarely seen, especially in this awesome vintage condition!
Size 34, Lot #213, as marked on the label
Manufactured in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s, this would’ve been for sale in a General Store;
Pre-1936 (Big E) Levi’s Red Tab, Pre 506xx
Dark, stiff denim, Pleats down the front, left chest pocket with no flap;
Black Donut Hole Metal Buttons, stamped with Levi Strauss & Co.
Metal Waist Cinch in back, with very sharp prongs;
There is minor fading in normal spots of wear, along collar and elbow. One small hole on the right sleeve near shoulder seam ; Some faded spots on back. (see photos) Overall still in very good vintage condition on this 80+ year old piece!!
Truly a sought-after, desirable piece for any Levi’s collector! *ALL REASONABLE OFFERS* will be considered! Please contact me with any questions or for more info.”
Here are the auction details:

Super *RARE* Authentic Levi’s / Levi Strauss Denim Jacket / Jumper 1920s-30s

Seller: vtgrevival / Houston, TX
Price: $3,000 (Best Offer)
Label: Levi Strauss & Co
Condition: Above average vintage condition for the age
Levis Denim Jacket 12
Levis Denim Jacket 2
Levis Denim Jacket 3
Levis Denim Jacket 4
Levis Denim Jacket 5
Levis Denim Jacket 6
Levis Denim Jacket 9
Levis Denim Jacket 10
Levis Denim Jacket 7


Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's 1

Sold on eBay: Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket from the 1930’s

Block Bilt was producing some gorgeous leather jackets in the 1930’s and 40’s. You can see another example of this jacket here. I’ve got a hunch that the massive asking price most likely drove away some of the biggest potential buyers forcing the seller to settle on the sale price of about $1,000. That sale price is a guess because we don’t have access to the exact sale amount.

From the listing:

“Another AWESOME FIND from PortlandStation®.. You will be proud to own it! A fantastic look, and a popular style. Honestly, it looks even better than our pictures.. Be sure to review all of the crisp photos and double check your measurements with ours, provided below. Don’t miss out.. and be prepared for all the compliments!”

Here are the sale details:


Seller: portlandstation / Clackamas, OR

Price: Offered for $9,998.98 / Offer accepted $1,000???

Label: Block Bilt

Condition: “USA MADE – 1930s – Block Bilt – Incredible Condition for it’s age!!”

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's 1

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's 2

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's backVintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's interior

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's fron detail 2

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's front detail

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's back buckle

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's front 3

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's detail


Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's talon zip

Vintage Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1930's label


1930’s Vintage Grizzly Jacket by Laskin

AH, the vintage Grizzly jacket. Certainly, a unique jacket! I’ve had a couple of these vintage Grizzly jackets over the years. This one I bought sometime late last summer. It was a very small size but was still a great example of the amazing construction and creativity of these early jackets.

The Grizzly Jacket was popular in the 1930’s and 40’s and they were produced by a number of different companies. This one was made by Laskin. The leather was usually horsehide and the panels were made with a variety of different furs – from lamb to horse hair and I’ve even seen some with hair-on cow hide panels. They started disappearing in the 1950’s; however, there are a few companies doing excellent reproductions of these jackets today.

The condition of this piece was good. The Laskin label was still in tact, the leather was in great shape – there was one small gouge in one of the lamb skin panels – the interior was in good shape and well maintained, some fading on the back left side. It still had a functional chin strap and belt but was missing a button at the cuff. All the zippers were original to the jacket.

A great piece of classic Americana.