1930’s horsehide coat

Horsehide Leather Coat 1

Sold on eBay: Vintage 1930’s Horsehide Leather Coat for $1,275

This Horsehide Leather Coat sold on eBay late last week. The leather appears to be in really great condition for its age. In fact, from the photos, I don’t see too many issues with it at all. No holes, no stitching issues, just perfectly patina’d leather that has grown beautiful with age. The only real issue is the missing buttons near the bottom of the coat. With just some minor holes in the interior liner this coat is in really great condition!

These horsehide leather coats were very popular before WWII and were developed and used by motorcyclists, aviator pilots and hunters before the motorcycle jackets of the 1940’s and 50’s revolutionized the jacket concept. Almost all of these jackets were constructed from top quality horsehide leather and some were produced with the mouton collars. Almost all of them also included the wool interior liners. The buttons found on these coats were not enough to protect the motorcycle rider and aviator pilots from the cold wind. In the late 1920’s the government was looking for a solution to the problem and discovered Talon’s zipper design.

I’ve seen these horsehide leather coats come and go and am a little bit surprised this jacket didn’t pull a number higher than $1,500. The missing buttons were certainly an issue and must have contributed to the lower selling price.

One of the best.

Here’s the auction information:


Vintage Horsehide Leather Motorcycle Jacket 30s Harley Indian Button Front Belt

Seller: williegoat / Rittman, Ohio

Price: $1,275

Label: Genuine Front Quarter Horsehide

Condition: As found in estate sale attic, good leather condition, missing the bottom 2 buttons.


Horsehide Leather Coat 1

 The original belt is still with the coat!


Horsehide 30's Car 3

Horsehide 30's Car 7

Missing the bottom 2 buttons.


Horsehide 30's Car 2

Horsehide 30's Car 4

Plaid wool interior liner in good shape.


Horsehide 30's Car 5

The simple dress collar.


Horsehide 30's Car 6

Excellent old Horsehide Label still intact.