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Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Sold on eBay: Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket w/ Patches for $1675

So, here’s a beautiful vintage WW2 A2 leather jacket with a gorgeous history and a gorgeous patina. Made from the best horsehide available back in the early 1940’s, this excellent jacket has withstood the test of time.

From the listing:

“You are admiring a fine example of a WWII cable rain coats co. A-2. except for the male starter side of the zipper, and some loose stitching at the back of the collar, the jacket is in excellent condition. the jacket has a two cbi patches and a name tag sewn on that are original to the jacket. on the left sleeve is a cloth 5th aaf patch, and on the front chest is a 33rd bomb squad painted on leather patch. both patches are a little faded, and the leather patch has hair line fissures. there are leather squares on the epaulets where 2nd louie bars once were. i have no information about the airman. the horse hide shell is in nice supple condition all around. the liner is is in above average condition, with the usual separation at the top back. the nomenclature label is intact and clear, but the size tag has been removed at some point. the male side of original kwik zipper has come apart from the tape, but with care the jacket can still be zipped up. the jacket size is in the vicinity of a size 40 or smaller size 42. with the zipper repaired, this jacket will make for a splendid wearer or a fine addition to any wwll aaf collection.”

Here are the auction details:

a-2 jacket, original wwll a-2 jacket, cbi, horse hide jacket, named & patched.

Seller: 1stpursuit / New York, NY

Price: $1,675

Label: Type A-2 Property Air Forces, U.S. Army

Condition: “Zipper starter has issues.” Leather looks to be in good shape, interior has some tearing and usual wear and tear.


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 3

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 4

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 5

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 8

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 6

Sptifire 944 Featured

Spitfire 944 : Fourteen Minutes. Thirty Seconds and Sixty-One Years

My friend John Dilbone sent this over to me. Sptifire 944 is an excellent documentary of pilot John Blyth’s account of his crash landing in 1944 and it documents his seeing the video of the event for the first time some 60 years later….

“In 2005, an 83 year-old World War II pilot views 16mm footage of his 1944 Spitfire crash for the first time.”


Spitfire 944 Documentary Poster



Spitfire USAAF Belly Landing


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: Vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket w/ Disney Patch for $1,876.99

Another vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket with a Disney patch sold this week for almost $1,900…. It’s interesting to see all these Disney patched A2 jackets popping up on eBay. When it rains, it pours I suppose. I loved the look of the leather on this jacket – perfectly patina’d and worn. The art work on the back is excellent as well. This vintage WWII A2 Leather Jacket just needed to be noted…. Enjoy.

Here are the details:

Vintage WWII US ARMY AIR FORCE TYPE A-2 Flight Jacket crown zipper B-17 ? paint

Seller: mt_whitney_usa / El Monte, CA

Price: $1,876.99

Label: No Label

Condition: Leather looks good, knit cuffs have some holes, no label.


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 3

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 4

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 5

Vintage WW2 Leather Jacket 6

Vintage WW2 Leather Jacket 7


WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint Featured

Sold on eBay: WW2 A2 Leather Jacket w/ Disney Peg Leg Pete Patch for $2,152

This really nice WW2 A2 Leather Jacket sold on eBay November 10th. It was sold by The Nations Attic out of Wichita, Kansas. They’ve posted some gorgeous A2 jackets over the last several years and this one is no exception. From the listing:


“This jacket belonged originally to a member of a B-17 crew when he used this jacket. He was part of the 603rd Bomb Squadron, 398th Bomb Group. Above is a great close-up photo of Disney designed 603rd Bomb Squadron patch featuring Peg Leg Pete! Disney designed this patch during early World War 2. This patch is embroidered or chenille. This style is the primary style found in World War 2 period photos.

Above the patch is the painted name “Clint”. Unfortunately we are not sure who Clint is from our limited research, but there are plenty of clues on this jacket to possible trace him down! We do know he was in the 603rd Bomb Squadron and we also know his entire mission record which is painted on the back of the jacket. With this information we can determine the date of his first and last missions!

This jacket has a wonderful vintage feel and look to it. Worn over countless bomb runs over France and Germany. This jacket is perfect for both display and wearing! The leather is still soft with the jacket being a very nice size 38!”

Here are the details of the sale:


Seller: the_nations_attic / Wichita, KS

Price: $2,152

Label: Perry Sportswear Sz. 38

Condition: Leather is terrific and the original Crown zippers exists and works well. Beautiful jacket.



WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 1

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 4

WW2 A2 Leather Flight Jacket Clint 3

WW2 A2 Leather Flight Jacket Clint 2

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 5

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 6

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 8

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 7

WW2 A2 Leather Fight Jacket Clint 9

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 3

Sold on eBay: Vintage WW2 Bomber Jacket model B-10 with Patches for $1,470.89

Here’s an original 1940’s Vintage WW2 Bomber Jacket made for the USAAF (U.S. Army Air Forces). The model was the B-10 Flight jacket! It’s In Excellent Condition and it’s named, stenciled, and has the panda patch on the left chest. The leather name badge to the left chest reads: “R.W. BLAUVELT” and is stenciled to storm flap as well. Main zipper is made by Conmar and looks to be all original. Made by The Stagg Coat Co., Inc. Property Air Forces, U.S. Army. A great bomber jacket with lots of great history and in excellent condition.

The sale price seems about right for this gorgeous piece. Check out the auction details below…


Vintage 1940’s WW2 B-10 USAAF Named & Stenciled Bomber Jacket Sz 46 With Patches

Seller: owtbyd / Medford, Oregon
Price: $1,470.89
Label: Stagg Coat Co., Inc., Air Forces U.S. Army / Type B-10
Condition: Excellent. The name and patches still intact, zipper still functions



WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 1

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 3

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 4

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 5

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 2

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 9

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 6

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 8

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 7

WW2 Stenciled Bomber Jacket 10

WWII A2 Flight Jacket Featured

Sold on eBay: WW2 A2 Leather Jacket, USAAF P38 Lightning for $2,290

Here’s another entry to our “Sold on eBay” series of vintage articles. It’s an amazing WW2 A2 leather jacket worthy of a mention. Again, maybe I should have entitled this one “UN-Sold on eBay” because it’s another piece that didn’t meet the auction reserve.

The back possesses some classic WWII hand painted art work of a P38 called “Fork Tail Devil” in excellent shape! It appears that everything on the jacket is original. The main Talon zipper is original but you’ll see in the pictures that the zipper tape has some separation issues. These types of zipper issues are the worst as the zipper tape will continue to deteriorate. The cuffs are all original but have been repaired at some point. Another word about this jacket’s condition is the shoulder wear. As you can see in the photos, the shoulders are starting to thin out. This comes from a jacket of this age hanging on a single hanger for as many years as it has. It’s pretty common with these A2 jackets but could be avoided with just a different method of storage.

It’s anyone’s guess as to what the reserve on this WW2 A2 leather jacket auction was. My guess is $1,800. Actually, I’m a little surprised he didn’t get that number but the condition of this jacket obviously held it back. We’ve seen A2 jackets with no art work, in great shape, sell for this same price of $1,200.

Here are the details…..


This jacket was relisted and sold for $2290 at auction meeting it’s reserve.



Seller: brads-ww2-items / Anaheim, California

Price: $2,290

Label: L & T Sportswear Los Angeles , California

Condition: Repaired cuffs, original Talon zip with zipper tape separation, rough shoulder wear.


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WWII A2 Flight Jacket 1

Amazing hand painted back.


WWII A2 Flight Jacket 2

“Fork Tail Devil” painted art work on the back. Excellent color.


WWII A2 Flight Jacket 3

WWII A2 Flight Jacket 4

Plain A2 front.


WWII A2 Flight Jacket 5

Shoulder wear. Common on these jackets from hanging in a closet.



WWII A2 Flight Jacket 6

Another shot of the shoulder wear.



WWII A2 Flight Jacket 7

WWII A2 Flight Jacket  10

You can see a zipper thread issue.



WWII A2 Flight Jacket 9

WWII A2 Flight Jacket 11

Yup. Once a separation begins the zipper deteriorates quickly.



WWII A2 Flight Jacket 12

Excellent example of the A2 Talon zipper. Too bad it will need to be replaced.



WW2 A2 Flight Jacket 13

Interior shot. Liner is ripped in both arm pits.



WWII A2 Flight Jacket 14

“L & T Sportswear, INC. Los Angeles, CA” label.

Featured Flying Fortress

Sold on eBay: Vintage WWII Army T Shirt B17 Flying Fortress for $638!

Another vintage WWII Army shirt sold on September 7th. This one is an excellent USAAF shirt with a big B17 print across the chest! I’ve always loved the B17 Flying Fortress. My grandfather flew this plane during his service in the war. The print is great and super simple. This tee is perfectly worn and shows some excellent wear. The $638 selling price comes as no surprise. Here are the details:


Original WW2 USAAF T-SHIRT Ink Printed TEXAS B17 Flying Fortress WWII

Seller: keyboard-courage / New Paltz, New York

Price: $638

Label: Sportswear . S

Condition: Shows wear, some holes and some staining. Looks to be sheer.

 Original WW2 USAAF T Shirt Ink Printed Texas B17 Flying Fortress WWII | eBay.

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Flying Fortress 1. jpg

Flying Fortress 3

Flying Fortres 2

Flying Fortress 4

WW2 Army Tee

Sold on eBay: Vintage WWII Army T shirt from Peterson Army Airfield.

An excellent vintage WWII Army T shirt from Peterson Army airfield. Wow! I suppose this posting should be titled “UN-Sold On eBay” because even with 13 bids at $595, this piece didn’t make the reserve. Honestly, I think that’s a good auction price for this one . 6 bills for a 1940’s tee shirt in this sort of condition seems appropriate to me.

The Champion runner tag is still present. Besides some minor staining, the shirt is in really great shape. The print is still bright and bold. I would have a very hard time not wearing this shirt around. This vintage WWII Army T shirt is hard to come by in this sort of condition. I would love to have this piece.



Sold by: finedandyvintage / New York, NY

Price: $595 (reserve not met)

Label: Champion Runner Tag . size 36

Condition: Great shape with only minor staining. Champion Runner tag intact, print is bright and bold and there are no holes or snags.


Vtg WWII Peterson Army Air Field T Shirt Ink Printed 1942 Fighter Pilot 40s Mens | eBay.


WW2 Air Field Tee

WW2 Army Tee

WW2 Army Tee

WW2 Army Tee Back

WW2 Army Tee Champion Runner Tag