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Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest Ghostriders Featured

Sold on eBay: Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest Ghostriders SO. Cal for $1,500

So, I’ve fallen a little bit behind in posting some of the great vintage motorcycle club vests that have been popping on eBay. I’ve decided that this week I would make up for that laziness and post some Club pieces for everyone to check out. These are terrific items from American motorcycle history and always possess amazing uniqueness. Here’s one that sold on Valentine’s Day….

From the listing:

“Up for consideration is this vintage 70’s levi motorcycle club vest
With Motorcycle Club Patches on the back~ Ghostriders So.Cal
There are some small tears and stains
I have not washed the jacket and I know it hasn’t been washed for probably close to 30 years
It has been stored away now since sometime in the early 80’s
I will leave it as you see it, patches and pins intact
The size is faded so I buttoned it up and took measurements:
From armpit to armpit- 19-191/2″
Shoulders- 17″
Length 23″

Thanks for looking”

Here are the details:

Vintage Levi’s Biker Vest Jacket MC Ghostriders

Seller: primus67randi / Carson City, NV

Price: $1,500

Label: Levi’s

Condition: “Used Condition”

Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest Ghostriders Back

Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest Ghostriders front

Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest Ghostriders inside

Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest Ghostriders Levis Label



Sold on eBay: Vintage 40’s Deadstock HEADLIGHT DENIM Railroad Jacket for $1,025.

An excellent vintage denim jacket in Deadstock condition recently sold at auction. From the listing:

Vintage original 1940’s Deadstock Headlight Jacket
-Original tags as shown, never worn
-Crisp Hickory stripe Denim
-Perfect condition, no stains or discoloration
-Old Union Label in Pocket
-Watch Pocket on right chest
-Size is marked a 36

The details…

Vintage 40’s Deadstock HEADLIGHT Hickory Stripe DENIM Railroad Engineer JACKET

Seller: planet_archives

Price: $1,025

Label: Headlight Overalls . Size 36

Condition: Deadstock












Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 3

Sold on eBay: Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Western Shirt w/ MC Club Embroidery for $640

This vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Snap Shirt is the coolest pearl snap western I’ve seen in a long, long time. The shirt possesses just the right amount of wear. You can see in the photos the fading across the chest and the back. The unique slant pockets are great. The Outlaw Motorcycle Club stitching across the back sets this shirt completely apart. The thread work appears to be in great shape with no snagging at all. It’s amazing that a vintage Wrangler Blue Bell shirt like this one has survived as long as it has. I’ve reached out to the seller to see if I can procure any details on the history of this piece.

Here are the details from the auction listing:



Seller: hopscotch2211 / Phoenix, AZ

Price: $640

Label: Wrangler Blue Bell

Condition: Excellent fade and the perfect amount of wear and tear.


Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 1

Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 2

Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 3

Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 4

Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 5

Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 6

Vintage Wrangler Blue Bell Denim Shirt 7


Vintage Motorcycle Club Cut 2

Sold On eBay: Levi’s 1960’s Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest for $1,000

Another amazing Levi’s vintage motorcycle club vest from the 1960’s. This one’s showing some real nice wear and tear. I suppose we’ll stick to the “Devil” theme as this vest possesses some excellent chain stitching work and some really great old-school patchworking on the back. These vintage motorcycle club vests continue to be valuable pieces across the vintage market.

Here are the details:

Vintage Levis Lvc Outlaw Biker Vest Cut Devil Chainstitch

Seller: bluemichael927 / North Hollywood, California

Price: $1,000

Label: Levi’s

Condition: Used and showing plenty of great wear


Vintage Motorcycle Club Cut 1

Vintage Motorcycle Club Cut 2

Vintage Motorcycle Club Cut 3

Vintage Motorcycle Club Cut 4

Vintage Motorcycle Club Cut 5




Levi's Sawtooth 6

Sold on eBay: Levi’s Shorthorn 1950’s Denim Pearl Snap Shirt for $1,580

Levi Strauss made a beauty of a denim pearl snap western shirt in the 1950’s. This Levi’s Shorthorn western shirt sold on eBay just a few days ago. The condition is stellar as it appears to be near mint. The denim was high quality, the sawtooth pockets brought some flair and the white pearl snaps really set the shirt off! I’ve had a few of these in the past but none of mine have ever been in such beautiful condition. The sale price seems a little higher than I would have expected but maybe the value of these beauties has increased over the last couple of years.

Have a look….


Vtg 50s *ORIGINAL* LEVI’S SHORTHORN BIG E Denim Pearl Snap Western Shirt

Seller: moth-food / Royal Oak, Michigan

Price: $1,580

Label: Levi Strauss of California (Shorthorn label)

Condition: Near mint. Deadstock.



Levi's Sawtooth 1


Levi's Sawtooth 2

Levi's Sawtooth 3

Levi's Sawtooth 4

Levi's Sawtooth 5

Levi's Sawtooth 6

Motorcycle Club Cut Featured

Sold on eBay: Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest “Spokesmen, Vermilion Ohio” for $898.99

Vintage Motorcycle Club vests have been popping up all over eBay. I love seeing them and I always love keeping tabs on the sales prices across the auction houses. On this vest, the Levi’s label looks to have been ripped out a long time ago. These old school Levi’s jackets can take a beating and this one is no exception. The denim has aged beautifully. This is a great piece and at just under $900, it’s seems right at retail value.

Here are the details:

Vintage Spokesmen Vermilion OH Motorcycle Club LEVI Jacket turned Vest 1960-70’s

Seller: 19bas61 / Castalia, Ohio

Price: $898.99

Condition: “as found” condition with stitching  coming loose, split collar, stains, dirt, repairs, etc… in other words, awesome.


Motorcycle Club Cut

“Spokesmen” MC Club Cut from Vermilion, Ohio


Motorcycle Club Cut 4

Motorcycle Club Cut 2

Motorcycle Club Cut 3

Motorcycle nClub Cut 5




Sold on eBay: Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest

Over the last several months there has been a large number of these vintage motorcycle club vests hitting the eBay auction block. Some are older than others and some have had massive amounts of wear and tear. …Dang, I wish I’d documented some of those…  This one was offered up by snappygabs on eBay this last week. It’s from the 1970’s and was pretty clean. The skull patch really sets it off.

If you haven’t checked out snappygabs on eBay be sure to check out his store. There’s quite a collection of rockabilly gabardines, floral Hawaiians and some beautiful leather from time to time. He works hard and cranks out tons of top quality apparel.





Sold by: snappygabs / Los Angeles

Price: $396.01

Size: 38

Condition: Very good condition with minor general wear.