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IMG_0286Thanks for checking out wearekoalas, inc. I started this company in the late spring of 2004 and have been cranking out top quality vintage clothing ever since. In college I loved pearl snap western shirts. I was cheap, so I would thrift for all of my clothing. I’d dig through tons and tons of the mediocre to find those 1 or 2 pieces that would set off my wardrobe. I believe they call that “the thrill of the hunt” or some such. I’ve had that thrill for quite a while.

After my freshman year in high school I gave up on retail shopping. I don’t really remember how or why but I stopped caring about the newest and the most popular brands. All I wanted was plaid and stripes from the 1970’s and 80’s. I discovered the thrift store! The left overs of people who had moved on to newer, bigger & better. The stuff discarded by family members of those who had passed away. How it got there didn’t matter. How it fit me did. I’d buy tee shirts for 25 cents and plaid button downs for .75. Zip-up hoodie jackets for $1.25 and big corduroy western coats for $2.50. I outfitted myself for school, work and play at the thrift store. I had become addicted.

“We are curators of high quality men’s vintage fashions – the best of the old and stewards of cool. We love Crown zippers and the smell of leather conditioner.”

Once I arrived at College and started meeting all the people that would shape and influence my early 20’s, I couldn’t believe the┬áresponses I was getting while wearing my “Wild & Crazy Kids” tee shirt. (Seriously, I wore that thing to Universal Studios one time on a family vacation and spent the entire day answering the question “Were you on that show???” Eventually, I just started nodding yes…) People wanted to know where I had gotten that shirt or that belt or those shoes! I started buying pearl snap westerns anywhere and everywhere I could. I’d sell them and make great returns.

By the time I graduated college in 2003 and started my first “real job” I had made the choice to start selling these pieces for real. I checked eBay to discover values – $46 to $80 per snap shirt! I couldn’t believe it. I sold all my textbooks and raised about $180. I took it to the thrift stores and bought burgundy 70’s leather jackets, suede winter coats, button downs, tees and pearls snaps all for the purpose of resale. I started cranking and did some decent work during those first few months. In 2004 I quit my job and pursued vintage full time.

“Our history is vast and rooted in the concept of American exceptionalism. These pieces are relics of classic Americana and represent that great history.”

As time has gone on, I’ve focused my efforts. I discovered the amazing world of high end men’s vintage and have absolutely come to love the best leather jackets ever made. US made brands like Buco, Harley Davidson, Schott Perfecto, Taubers, Bates, Levi’s and Langlitz. Union made producers like Lee, Wrangler, Blue Bell & Crown. Our history is vast and rooted in the concept of American exceptionalism. These pieces are relics of classic Americana and represent that great history. I’ve been hooked and this site is dedicated to that patina of time.

Wearekoalas has adapted and evolved over the years but I’ve always wanted to provide my customers with the highest quality, the best and most beautiful pieces money can buy. A big THANKS to all of you who have been customers. It’s because of you that I’ve been able to do what I love.




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