Featherwood Frames. Handmade in Yellow Springs, Ohio.

“Starting from a locally fallen tree and ending with a functional piece of art, our eyeglasses are made with a consideration for all energies used in their production.”

The guys at Featherwood Frames are constantly crafting beautiful glasses. If you’re looking for unique, handmade and artistic eye wear – look no further than Dave and Brett. Tell ‘em Matt sent you.




Huge Pop by Adam Drent.

“I’ve been posting Classic Bedtime Stories at a feverish pace. Almost all of them are on the site now. There are still a few that I need to fix in various ways, but the vast majority are available for reading, listening, and extensively critiquing.”

No one works more feverishly than Adam C. Drent. From his classic Bedtime Stories, to his radio show sketches, to his incredible hip hop productions under the name The Mispronouncer (my personal favorite is The Free Refill album), there’s plenty to love here.  Check it out.




Burrito Me. Loconia & Plymouth, New Hamspshire.

“Mission style burritos prepared daily with fresh, local ingredients and served alongside local, craft beers.”

Burrito Me is a small taqueria founded by cousins Aaron and Reuben. The menu is simple, the prices are fair, and the spice level is up to you! If you’re in or near Laconia or Plymouth, New Hampshire stop by for the Chipotle Pork Nachos. Tell ‘em Matt sent you.


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