Harley Cycle Champ 1

Sold on eBay: Harley Davidson Cycle Champ Jacket in Horsehide for $2,500

This great Harley jacket sold on eBay way back on April 7th. It’s rare to see a Cycle Champ in this sizing and the final sale price confirms that. From the listing:

“Selling an early 40s Harley Davidson Cycle Champ D pocket jacket that I got from the original owners family. It was given to him by harley with the purchase of his knucklehead in the 40s. The jacket is in INCREDIBLE condition for its age with original tag, lining and even leather tassels on the zippers!

The jacket actually fits unlike most tiny d pockets from back then!

All zippers and buttons function perfectly.

The sergeant strap on the shoulder has a couple stitches that have fallen out and the owner also replaced the belt loops when the others failed. The jacket measures roughly 18″ shoulder to shoulder, 22.5″ under the arm pits and 25″ arm length.

Its a jacket I will probably regret selling!”

Here are the auction details: 


Seller: infernal6majesty / Santa Monica, CA
Price : $2,500
Label : Harley Davidson
Condition : “used” but great vintage condition
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