Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket front

Sold on eBay : Vintage Langlitz Columbia Leather Jacket in Horsehide

The Langlitz Columbia Leather Jacket is a classic motorcycle jacket made by Langlitz in Portland. They’ve been producing these since Ross made them by hand in the late 1940’s. As far as I’m concerned, Langlitz is the standard of high quality motorcycle apparel even today! This particular jacket sold way back in December and was made of horsehide. It looks to have all it’s original zippers – including an excellent Crown main zipper! The leather has a terrific patina and looks to be gorgeously worn. I’m consistently surprised by the value of these pieces. Not 3 years ago, this jacket would have sold for $1,100+ but now it’s selling for just under $700.

The Columbia description from the Langlitz website:

“This is our most popular jacket. It features a front zipper, two outside zippered pockets, one open inside map pocket, and zippered sleeves. It has a double-thick rear kidney panel that provides support and helps for lower back coverage. This jacket comes standard with a dress collar but may also be ordered with a cossack collar at no charge.”

Here are the auction details:

Seller: iontorpedo / Portland, Oregon

Price: $679.95

Label: Langlitz Leathers

Condition: “Excellent overall, very clean and all original.”

Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket front

Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket back

Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket front detail

Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket front detail 2

Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket back detail

Vintage Langlitz Columba Jacket interior Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket Crown Zip

Vintage Langlitz Columbia Jacket label

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