Geronimo 501st Airborne Patch front

Sold on eBay: 5 Excellent Vintage Military Squadron Patches

These vintage military squadron patches have all sold on eBay over the last several weeks. They really are amazing pieces of military history and really are to be appreciated.

The first is a WW2 era Geronimo 501st Airborne Patch that sold by way of seller “zwara1″ for $1,480!

Geronimo 501st Airborne Patch front

Geronimo 501st Airborne Patch back


The second is an excellent Navy Attack Squadron Patch VA JET 851 sold by “neetstuf-4-u” for $641.09.

VA JET 851 Indian Head Patch front

VA Jet 851 Indian Head Patch back


Next is a Jolly Rogers Fighting Eighty-Four patch from “rarepatchman” for $227.50.

Jolly Rodgers Fighting Eighty-Four Patch front Jolly Rodger Fighting Eighty-Four Patch back


Next is a Aircraft Control & Waring Air Force patch from seller “vzenke” that sold for $512.

920th AC&W Patch

920th AC&W Patch back


Finally, an awesome WW2 US Marines Bat-Eye Squadron patch from seller “dalkeith71″ for $1,000.

Bat-Eye Squadron Patch front

Bat-Eye Squadron Patch back

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