Vintage WW2 T Shirt 4

Sold on eBay: Vintage WW2 T Shirt – US ARMY Camp Gruber OK.

Here’s an excellent Vintage WW2 T shirt that sold on eBay just last week. From the listing:

“Excellent vintage military tee. Shirt appears to be dead stock WWII issue from Camp Gruber.

Gruber was commissioned in 1942 and active until 1947. It was subsequently closed from 1947 to 1966, and re-commissioned in 1967 as an Oklahoma Army National Guard training facility. This shirt displays the more “boat neck” style of tee from the 40s. It has no rips or tears. Just one small stain (about 1/16″, just after the “Y” in Army – see photos). The pits are spotless and all the seams are solid. It has a beautiful blue flock which is in good shape.

The bottom hem has four small button holes. Two on the right side, two on the left. The holes are tight and solid and appear to have never surrounded a button. The shirt also has a stamp on the inside back top which reads: 38 NX24163.”

Here are the details:

Vintage Army Tee Shirt Flock WWII

Price: $371.66
Seller: photoaskew / New York, NY
Label: “38 NX24163″
Condition: Great for its age with only minor holes


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Vintage WW2 T Shirt 2

Vintage WW2 T Shirt 3

Vintage WW2 T Shirt 4

Vintage WW2 T Shirt 5





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