John Wayne 1937 Featured

10 Vintage Photos of Celebrities Hitting the Slopes

It’s cold outside and the snow if falling here in Ohio. Why not enjoy some vintage photos of celebrities hitting the slopes! From Rita Hayworth to John Wayne and Grace Kelly, each one brings their own smooth style and retro appeal – a good amazing ski sweater always helps too.


Rita Hayworth 1949

Rita Hayworth, 1949

John Wayne 1937

John Wayne & Barbara Read, 1937


Robert Redford in Utah.jpg

Robert Redford in Utah, 1977



Lana Turner, 1955



 Grace Kelly


John Lennon And His Wife Cynthia Skiing At Saint Moritz In Switzerland On January 31St 1965

John Lennon, 1965

Robert Kennedy and  Ethel Kennedy

Robert & Ethel Kennedy

Johnny Carson

Johnny Carson sort of skiing

Gary Cooper Early 50's

Gary Cooper & Claudette Colbert in the early 50’s

Jackie Kennedy

Jackie and Caroline.

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