Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Sold on eBay: Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket w/ Patches for $1675

So, here’s a beautiful vintage WW2 A2 leather jacket with a gorgeous history and a gorgeous patina. Made from the best horsehide available back in the early 1940’s, this excellent jacket has withstood the test of time.

From the listing:

“You are admiring a fine example of a WWII cable rain coats co. A-2. except for the male starter side of the zipper, and some loose stitching at the back of the collar, the jacket is in excellent condition. the jacket has a two cbi patches and a name tag sewn on that are original to the jacket. on the left sleeve is a cloth 5th aaf patch, and on the front chest is a 33rd bomb squad painted on leather patch. both patches are a little faded, and the leather patch has hair line fissures. there are leather squares on the epaulets where 2nd louie bars once were. i have no information about the airman. the horse hide shell is in nice supple condition all around. the liner is is in above average condition, with the usual separation at the top back. the nomenclature label is intact and clear, but the size tag has been removed at some point. the male side of original kwik zipper has come apart from the tape, but with care the jacket can still be zipped up. the jacket size is in the vicinity of a size 40 or smaller size 42. with the zipper repaired, this jacket will make for a splendid wearer or a fine addition to any wwll aaf collection.”

Here are the auction details:

a-2 jacket, original wwll a-2 jacket, cbi, horse hide jacket, named & patched.

Seller: 1stpursuit / New York, NY

Price: $1,675

Label: Type A-2 Property Air Forces, U.S. Army

Condition: “Zipper starter has issues.” Leather looks to be in good shape, interior has some tearing and usual wear and tear.


Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 2

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 3

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 4

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 5

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 8

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 1

Vintage WW2 A2 Leather Jacket 6

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