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Sold on eBay: 1930’s Vintage Grizzly Jacket in Horsehide Leather for $1,850

Here’s an excellent vintage Grizzly jacket that sold at auction. Stella Coats in the UK has been cranking out excellent vintage apparel for quite some time – this one’s no exception. In terrific condition and showing a great patina, this grizzly sold for an excellent amount on eBay. From the listing:

“Overall Stunning Jacket, Leather has a worn but superb looking patina with no damage or marks and only minor cracking on one shoulder. Lamb panels are Stunning and beautifully rich with no real wear or damage, a small bit matted on the back shoulder corner but minor fault and doesnt really affect the look of the jacket (see close up pictures).”

Here are the auction details:

Original Vintage 1930s GRIZZLY Leather HORSEHIDE Motorcycle Jacket Lambskin Fur

Seller: stella_coats / Nuneaton, United Kingdom

Price: $1,850.17

Label: “Bonds Style Manor” / no size.

Condition: Overall Stunning jacket, leather has a worn but superb looking patina with no damage or marks. Missing one of the adjustable side straps unfortunately.


vintage grizzly jacket 1

vintage grizzly jacket 9

vintage grizzly jacket 10

vintage grizzly jacket 2

vintage grizzly jacket 4

vintage grizzly jacket 5

vintage grizzly jacket 3

vintage grizzly jacket 6

vintage grizzly jacket 8

vintage grizzly jacket 7

vintage grizzly jacket 12

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