Levi's Sawtooth 6

Sold on eBay: Levi’s Shorthorn 1950’s Denim Pearl Snap Shirt for $1,580

Levi Strauss made a beauty of a denim pearl snap western shirt in the 1950’s. This Levi’s Shorthorn western shirt sold on eBay just a few days ago. The condition is stellar as it appears to be near mint. The denim was high quality, the sawtooth pockets brought some flair and the white pearl snaps really set the shirt off! I’ve had a few of these in the past but none of mine have ever been in such beautiful condition. The sale price seems a little higher than I would have expected but maybe the value of these beauties has increased over the last couple of years.

Have a look….


Vtg 50s *ORIGINAL* LEVI’S SHORTHORN BIG E Denim Pearl Snap Western Shirt

Seller: moth-food / Royal Oak, Michigan

Price: $1,580

Label: Levi Strauss of California (Shorthorn label)

Condition: Near mint. Deadstock.



Levi's Sawtooth 1


Levi's Sawtooth 2

Levi's Sawtooth 3

Levi's Sawtooth 4

Levi's Sawtooth 5

Levi's Sawtooth 6

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