East West Leather Jacket 2

Sold on eBay: East West Musical Instruments Co. Leather Jacket for $1,249

In the late 1960’s and through the 70’s there was one jacket brand that set itself apart, East West Musical Instruments Co. They made high quality leather products worn by the most fashion forward rockin’ rollers. Iggy Pop, Janis Joplin and even Elvis rocked the East West leather jacket. Each of their pieces was hand made and each possessed it’s own type of uniqueness.

This particular piece is a great example of the styling and excellence of that great jacket era. The condition is excellent, the sizing looks to be a perfect fit for a size 38 and the brown color is bright and awesome. The selling price seems to be right in the wheelhouse of where I’d expect it to be. I’d probably shoot to sell this one for $1,500 but for an auction, it seems reasonable.

East West Musical Instruments Co. made some of the most desirable and collectible pieces in the vintage industry. Check out the details below.


Vintage 70’s East West “Harley” Brown Leather Jacket Authentic Small

Seller:  stickhorse7 / Grants Pass, OR

Price: $1,249

Label: East West Musical Instruements Co. Leather Garments . Men’s Small

Condition: Excellent


East West leather Jacket

East West Leather Jacket 2

East West Leather Jacket 3

East West Leather Jacket 6

East West Leather Jacket 7

East West Leather Jacket 5

East West Leather Jacket 4

East West Leather Jacket 8


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