Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: Block Bilt 1930’s Horsehide Leather Jacket for $1,949!

In the 1930’s there were several sportswear companies established in the state of California. They would emphasize this fact on their labels with statements such as “Styled and Tailored in California” – Block Bilt was one such company. Block Bilt was originally a saddle company but they had built a repuatiation as one of the best 1930’s horsehide leather jacket makers in Los Angeles. The brand bounced from the scene by the early 1960’s. Along with these aviator style jackets, Block Bilt also made California highway patrol (CHP) jackets under the “Star” brand name. They were constructed of top quality, thick horsehide leather as well.

I’ve seen this aviator jacket before. Some have had amazing back detailing and western yoking across the shoulders. This one has the plain back. The condition seems to be as close to deadstock as you can be. Everything is original and in working order. There appears to be no problems with the leather and the interior liner is near perfect. $2,000 seems like a very reasonable selling price for this piece. I just wonder what the end user will end up paying….

Have a look.


1930s-40s Block Bilt HORSEHIDE Motorcycle Jacket & ORIGINAL Care Pamphlet NICE!!

Seller: eclectibilia / Bellevue, ID

Price: $1,949

Label: Block Bilt Sportswear

Condition: Excellent.



Block Bilt Leather Jacket 1

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 2

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 3

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 7

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 4

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 5

Block Bilt Leather Jacket 6


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