Vintage Souvenir Jacket 4

Sold On eBay: Amazing 1950’s Vintage Japan Souvenir Jacket for $5,700

Yes, that’s five thousand seven hundred dollars.

Vintage Japan Souvenir jackets have had good runs over the last decade. Years ago they would consistently sell for $1,000+. Now days you can find them selling for $300 to $500 a piece. This one breaks that trend wide open. The velvet and satin jacket being reversible isn’t extremely unique but it certainly doesn’t hurt. What sets this jacket apart is the devil stitching on the front and back. It’s outrageously unique and makes it extremely desirable – at least to the 3 biggest vintage collectors on the planet. Seattle grabbed this one.

Here are the details:

Vtg 1950’s JAPAN TOUR JACKET Souvenir Reversible Maroon Blue Velvet Satin Med

Seller: madein_america / Pleasant Hill, Missouri

Price: $5,700

Label: No Label

Size: Medium

Condition: “Light dirt spots here and there on white edges, thread sticking out here and there.”


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