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Buco Leather Jacket model J-22 in Horsehide from the early 1950’s.

One of the greatest and most collectible jackets in the vintage industry is the Buco leather jacket model J-22 in horsehide. This one had the plaid interior liner and the original mouton collar – perfect for the fall riding season! As far as I know the mouton collars were considered “after market” parts of the jacket and were purchased as accessories to these jackets. This one comes to you from the wearekoalas archive – I believe it passed through my online store back in 2011. It appeared that everything on the jacket was all original except for the Scovill main zipper – you can see there’s some extra thread in the stitching around the main zip. I don’t remember these ever having Scovill zippers as original zips. I’ve seen them mostly with the Talon main zippers. If it was replaced, it was done quite a number of years ago.  Beyond that, the jacket was in excellent shape – the horsehide leather was showing a terrific patina, the wool interior liner was immaculate and showed no signs of piling or real wear.  The belt had obviously been used a lot and was showing some great wear but still completely functional.

The retail price of the J-22 Buco leather jacket in 1953 was $32.75 without the additional mouton collar which would set you back an additional $4-5. Now days, they sell for much, much more…

Have a look at some photos of this gorgeous jacket:


IMG_1545 (3)

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    1. Hi, Steffan.
      This is a jacket from the archives of wearekoalas. I believe I sold it about a year and a half ago. I wouldn’t call it “showing off” – more of educating my readers about the glorious history of high quality leather jackets. This is certainly a bight spot in the history of motorcycle apparel.

      I do have a horsehide Buco for sale on eBay right now if you’d like to check out our listings.

      Be well.

  1. I have this very jacket except it doesn’t have the red plaid liner, instead it is a black quilted liner. It is in excellent condition. My grandfather wore this when he was riding motorcycles in the 1950’s. I don’t know the exact age of the coat. I am looking to sell it and can provide some pictures if you are interested.

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