Langlitz Cascade Featured

Langlitz Cascade Jacket in Horeshide from the late 1950’s.

The vintage Langlitz Cascade Jacket is the greatest leather jacket ever made.

I said it. And I mean it.

The first one I ever purchased was bought at a consignment shop in Syracuse, New York on a road trip to see some friends in New Hampshire. It was dated 1969 in the pocket. It had the back pin-striping and no padding. It was long in the torso and fit me like a glove. I was young and stupid and figured it wouldn’t be too hard to find another one eventually. So I sold it to a dealer who made a great offer on it. So far (7 years later!), I still have not found one that fits with that level of beauty or possessed that amazing patina. This vintage Langlitz Cascade Jacket was pretty close but it was much too short for my long torso.

Langlitz has been making these by hand and custom sized since the late 1940’s. The quality and craftsmanship of that first piece is in every piece they’ve produced since. They’ve been based out of Portland, Oregon since their founding. From their website:

 “Langlitz Leathers is a family business that was established in 1947 by Ross Langlitz. While we are no longer a basement operation, we stay small to guarantee the quality and personal attention that larger corporations just cannot provide. When you order a Langlitz, you are not simply a customer. Here at Langlitz Leathers, we will get to know you, and work with you to build your ideal custom garment. Proud Langlitz owners are not simply customers, they are part of our Langlitz Family.”

The guys at Langlitz are really terrific and super helpful. I’ve called them about different vintage pieces I’ve come across and they’re always willing to answer questions and offer advice. They love their own history and know just about everything there is to know about their vintage pieces. One day, I’ll have to do an entire post on the history of this great American company. Truly a gem.


Visit the Langlitz website HERE



The Cascade. Horsehide. Early 1960’s.



Horsehide leather in terrific shape, showing great patina.



Check out that excellent aging.




The back pin striping is my favorite touch.




Interior was near flawless.



Coats Clark zipper had an issue on the male end and needed to be replaced.



All pocket zippers existed and operated as they should.



Missing the pull tab on one of the sleeve cuffs.



Amazing leather made to last several lifetimes!



This white label was the fifth tag, used from 1956 – 1984.


    1. Hello, Manuel. Thanks for stopping by.
      This jacket was sold back in the spring. It’s another entry into my “wearekoalas archive” meant to be a catalog of great jackets that have come through our doors. Hopefully, these posts educate and inform.


    1. Hello, Ray. I just responded to Manuel as well.
      This jacket was sold back in the spring and is an entry into the “wearekoalas archive” of vintage jackets.

      It’s a great piece.


  1. I agree that it’s a great-looking jacket, but how do you know it’s horsehide? Also, how can you place it in the 1960s? Genuinely curious, not trying to be rude.


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