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Sold on eBay: Vintage WWII Army T Shirt B17 Flying Fortress for $638!

Another vintage WWII Army shirt sold on September 7th. This one is an excellent USAAF shirt with a big B17 print across the chest! I’ve always loved the B17 Flying Fortress. My grandfather flew this plane during his service in the war. The print is great and super simple. This tee is perfectly worn and shows some excellent wear. The $638 selling price comes as no surprise. Here are the details:


Original WW2 USAAF T-SHIRT Ink Printed TEXAS B17 Flying Fortress WWII

Seller: keyboard-courage / New Paltz, New York

Price: $638

Label: Sportswear . S

Condition: Shows wear, some holes and some staining. Looks to be sheer.

 Original WW2 USAAF T Shirt Ink Printed Texas B17 Flying Fortress WWII | eBay.

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Flying Fortress 1. jpg

Flying Fortress 3

Flying Fortres 2

Flying Fortress 4

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