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Sold on eBay: Vintage Motorcycle Club Vest “Spokesmen, Vermilion Ohio” for $898.99

Vintage Motorcycle Club vests have been popping up all over eBay. I love seeing them and I always love keeping tabs on the sales prices across the auction houses. On this vest, the Levi’s label looks to have been ripped out a long time ago. These old school Levi’s jackets can take a beating and this one is no exception. The denim has aged beautifully. This is a great piece and at just under $900, it’s seems right at retail value.

Here are the details:

Vintage Spokesmen Vermilion OH Motorcycle Club LEVI Jacket turned Vest 1960-70’s

Seller: 19bas61 / Castalia, Ohio

Price: $898.99

Condition: “as found” condition with stitching  coming loose, split collar, stains, dirt, repairs, etc… in other words, awesome.


Motorcycle Club Cut

“Spokesmen” MC Club Cut from Vermilion, Ohio


Motorcycle Club Cut 4

Motorcycle Club Cut 2

Motorcycle Club Cut 3

Motorcycle nClub Cut 5



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