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Sold on eBay: Bates Cafe Racer Jacket

I’m always rifling through eBay for quality vintage men’s gear. I’ve gotten a little jaded by the whole experience but that’s a post for another day… I did find this little gem that sold last week. Wish I had jumped in on this auction…


Vintage 1960s BATES Two-tone Motorcycle Jacket 42

Sold By: rman57 / Overland Park, Kansas.

Price: $330

Condition: Great, with a seam stitching issue and one small hole in the sleeve. All zippers look to be original and working.

Seam issue could have been easily fixed and the jacket would have looked great on my torso during the upcoming fall season… That 42L sizing would have fit nicely on my ridiculously long torso too. I swear this jacket was selling for $700+ just 2 years ago. Now it’s going at auction for just a bit over $300? Whoever got a hold of this beauty got a sweet deal. Enjoy, my friend. Enjoy!


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