Vintage 1930’s Hercules Leather Jacket

The old Hercules leather jacket is becoming more and more rare – especially ones of this age. I picked up this piece several months back and was happy to have found it.

This is a late 30’s or early 40’s Hercules leather jacket in the Aviator style. It was made of horsehide and possesses that great back yoke design – certainly not seen very often these days. While it did have some seam issues, the leather was in great shape with an amazing color patina. The aging that had occurred on this jacket had left the leather super soft and pliable.  The color was equally gorgeous.  The interior is a dark cotton material and was in pretty good shape for its age. The main zipper was the art deco Talon and still operated smoothly and effectively. I love that old art deco Talon logo on the zipper stop! The chin strap still existed along with the button on the opposite side – notice that corduroy under the collar.

This Hercules leather jacket is an excellent piece of  American made vintage history.





Excellent Western Yoke on back.







Chin strap still in good shape along with the button. Notice the corduroy under the collar.



Love that Art Deco Talon logo zipper stop!




1930’s and early 40’s Hercules Label





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