Buco 1950’s Engineer Boots in Elk.

Another entry in the wearekoalas collection of past pieces is this pair of gorgeous pair of 1950’s Buco engineer boots. I bought them from a guy in Wisconsin, they were his father’s boots and looked to have little to no wear on them – what we sometimes call “deadstock” across the industry. I had a few questions about the specifics of these boots so I emailed John over at the vintage engineer boot blog for more information. If you haven’t seen his site, it’s quite a resource for all things vintage engineer boots. He was extremely helpful and was kind enough to even post these to his blog. You can see his post here.

These boots were constructed in the 1950’s by the Joseph Buegeleisen Co. and made with Elk leather and brass hardware. (I had emailed John because I was perplexed by the type of leather used for these boots – Elk it is!) The condition was near perfect with just the slightest of scuffing on the soles. I was happy to have these come through my store.

Speaking of our store, we’ve always got interesting and unique pieces passing through, make sure you check us out on eBay at our store page and feel free to contact us directly about items you find there that peak your interest. If you’re looking for particular pieces, have questions or want to provide us some helpful insights – we’d love to hear from you.




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