Vintage 1940’s Harley Davidson Cycle Champ Jacket

One of my all-time favorites is the Harley Davidson Cycle Champ Jacket.

Harley launched this jacket just after World War 2, around 1947.  They continued this design through the the AMF period but, without a doubt, the best ones are from the 1940’s and 50’s. The slim black “mark of quality” Harley label was used from about 1947 through the early 50’s when they switched to their classic “High Quality, Fine Workmanship” square label. This Harley Davidson Cycle Champ Jacket was made of horsehide and was decorated with the bright “nickeled chain spots” on the shoulder epaulets. The D Pocket and “cigarette pocket” each contain their own spot working as well. This particular jacket still had it’s original Harley Davidson embossed leather belt. It possessed just the right amount of wear. All the original zippers existed and operated as they should. The main zip was a “Hershey Bar” Talon and still had it’s leather pull tab with the original spot working.

From the first Cycle Champ advertisement in the 1947 Harley Davidson’s Accessory Catalog:
“An all around good looking, long wearing, genuine black horsehide leather jacket.”

Original Price: $29.75

The spot work was gorgeous, the design was brilliant and the leather has never been bested by Harley.




Embossed Harley Davidson Belt



Red plaid interior liner



Excellent Leather Patina



D-Pocket spot working




Excellent nickel chain spot working




Harley Davidson “The Mark of Quality” rectangular label. (1940’s)



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