Beck Northeaster Jacket in Horsehide from the 1940’s.

One of the classic D Pocketed jackets of the vintage era was the Beck Northeaster jacket. The Northeaster Flying Togs label is still a favorite of collectors. It features that zooming motorcycle rider and the plane flying over head – a whimsical take on freedom. Beck started as a motorcycle and automobile parts distributor in the the early 1910’s and in the late 1920’s started ordering motorcycle jackets from Schott Bros. in New York. They disappeared from the motorcycle industry in the mid 70’s but these beautiful pieces of motorcycle history live on.

This particular jacket was constructed of top quality horsehide in the late 1940’s or early 50’s. It still possessed the half belt and the additional mouton collar. Both were in great shape for their age. It featured the chin strap and all zippers were original and operated properly. The Beck Northeaster D pocket pull tab was always a unique addition. The plaid interior liner was in great shape with just a few minor holes from wear near the bottom.

This Beck Northeaster jacket is a fine example of a classic American made motorcycle jacket.











    1. Hi, Steffan. Thanks for stopping by.
      I sold this jacket a few months back. Feel free to email me directly about products you’re looking for though – we’ve always got new pieces coming through!

  1. I have owned this same jacket for nearly 30 years. My uncle gave it to me for my 16th birthday. I only wore it a couple times when I was a teenager because it was so heavy for me being a girl. Mine is also in great condition, but does not have the collar, and I would consider it to be a men’s size small. I am thinking of listing it on ebay but do not know what a good price would be. Any suggestions? Please email me.

    1. Hello, Nan.
      Thanks for checking out wearekoalas! I’d love to provide some help and discuss your jacket but don’t have access to your email address. Please send me an email directly or use the “contact” link at the top or our page and provide me with your contact information.


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