1930’s Vintage Grizzly Jacket by Laskin

AH, the vintage Grizzly jacket. Certainly, a unique jacket! I’ve had a couple of these vintage Grizzly jackets over the years. This one I bought sometime late last summer. It was a very small size but was still a great example of the amazing construction and creativity of these early jackets.

The Grizzly Jacket was popular in the 1930’s and 40’s and they were produced by a number of different companies. This one was made by Laskin. The leather was usually horsehide and the panels were made with a variety of different furs – from lamb to horse hair and I’ve even seen some with hair-on cow hide panels. They started disappearing in the 1950’s; however, there are a few companies doing excellent reproductions of these jackets today.

The condition of this piece was good. The Laskin label was still in tact, the leather was in great shape – there was one small gouge in one of the lamb skin panels – the interior was in good shape and well maintained, some fading on the back left side. It still had a functional chin strap and belt but was missing a button at the cuff. All the zippers were original to the jacket.

A great piece of classic Americana.













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