Levis Denim Jacket 12

Sold on eBay: Authentic 1920’s Levi Strauss Denim Jacket for $3,000

Terrific buckle back Levi’s Denim jacket from the late 1920’s or early 1930’s sold on eBay back on April 20th.

From the listing:

“Very rarely does a significant piece of denim history like this becomes available for sale! Levi’s Jackets this old (PRE-Red Tab!) are rarely seen, especially in this awesome vintage condition!
Size 34, Lot #213, as marked on the label
Manufactured in the late 1920’s to early 1930’s, this would’ve been for sale in a General Store;
Pre-1936 (Big E) Levi’s Red Tab, Pre 506xx
Dark, stiff denim, Pleats down the front, left chest pocket with no flap;
Black Donut Hole Metal Buttons, stamped with Levi Strauss & Co.
Metal Waist Cinch in back, with very sharp prongs;
There is minor fading in normal spots of wear, along collar and elbow. One small hole on the right sleeve near shoulder seam ; Some faded spots on back. (see photos) Overall still in very good vintage condition on this 80+ year old piece!!
Truly a sought-after, desirable piece for any Levi’s collector! *ALL REASONABLE OFFERS* will be considered! Please contact me with any questions or for more info.”
Here are the auction details:

Super *RARE* Authentic Levi’s / Levi Strauss Denim Jacket / Jumper 1920s-30s

Seller: vtgrevival / Houston, TX
Price: $3,000 (Best Offer)
Label: Levi Strauss & Co
Condition: Above average vintage condition for the age
Levis Denim Jacket 12
Levis Denim Jacket 2
Levis Denim Jacket 3
Levis Denim Jacket 4
Levis Denim Jacket 5
Levis Denim Jacket 6
Levis Denim Jacket 9
Levis Denim Jacket 10
Levis Denim Jacket 7


Harley Cycle Champ 1

Sold on eBay: Harley Davidson Cycle Champ Jacket in Horsehide for $2,500

This great Harley jacket sold on eBay way back on April 7th. It’s rare to see a Cycle Champ in this sizing and the final sale price confirms that. From the listing:

“Selling an early 40s Harley Davidson Cycle Champ D pocket jacket that I got from the original owners family. It was given to him by harley with the purchase of his knucklehead in the 40s. The jacket is in INCREDIBLE condition for its age with original tag, lining and even leather tassels on the zippers!

The jacket actually fits unlike most tiny d pockets from back then!

All zippers and buttons function perfectly.

The sergeant strap on the shoulder has a couple stitches that have fallen out and the owner also replaced the belt loops when the others failed. The jacket measures roughly 18″ shoulder to shoulder, 22.5″ under the arm pits and 25″ arm length.

Its a jacket I will probably regret selling!”

Here are the auction details: 


Seller: infernal6majesty / Santa Monica, CA
Price : $2,500
Label : Harley Davidson
Condition : “used” but great vintage condition
Harley Cycle Champ 1
Harley Cycle Champ 2
Harely Cycle Champ 3
Harely Cycle Champ 4
Harely Cycle Champ 8
Harely Cycle Champ 5
Harely Cycle Champ 7
Harely Cycle Champ 9
Harely Cycle Champ 6


Horsehide Leather Aviator Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: 1930’s Horsehide Leather Car Coat for $2,281

This gorgeous 1930’s horsehide leather car coat sold on eBay back on February 3rd for the amount of $2,281. The patina is absolutely perfect and the built in vest makes it a real rarity. All original buttons exist and function as they should. It’s my opinion that whoever landed this coat got themselves a real deal. Here’s the description from the original listing:

Original belt & Buckle.
Corduroy material lined collar & interior trim.
Elastic cuffs.
2 chest pockets  2 lower front pockets.
The leather Is in really great condition for its age.  Beautiful Patina & Still supple with no cracking or dry spots
No holes, no stitching issues,perfectly patina’d leather that has grown beautiful with age.
All original buttons are present.
Lining in nice condition no cuts tears or moth bites.
This Has No tag on Jacket.
Unknown Maker.

These 1930’s horsehide leather car coats were very popular before WWII and were developed and used by motorcyclists, aviator pilots and hunters before the motorcycle jackets of the 1940′s and 50′s revolutionized the jacket concept.

Almost all of these jackets were constructed from top quality horsehide leather and some were produced with the mouton collars. Almost all of them also included the wool interior liners.

The buttons found on these coats were not enough to protect the motorcycle rider and aviator pilots from the cold wind. In the late 1920′s the government was looking for a solution to the problem and discovered Talon’s zipper design.”

Stunning. See all the photos below. Here are the auction details:


Seller: 925sfairtradeinc / Asheville, NC
Price: $2,281
Label: None
Condition: Absolutely perfect.

Horsehide Leather Aviator Jacket 1

Horsehide Leather Jacket front

Horsehide Leather Jacket back

Horsehide Leather Jacket interior

Horsehide Leather Jacket built in vest

Horsehide Leather Jacket interior detail

Horsehide Leather Jacket collar

Horsehide Leather Jacket detail

Horsehide Leather Jacket belt

Horsehide Leather Jacket pocket

Horsehide Leather Jacket cuff

Horsehide Leather Jacket interior pocket


Vintage Langlitz Cascade Jacket 1

New Items Available in the Online Store!

New items have hit our online store! It’s the perfect time to stock up for the fall riding season. Check out the fantastic Langlitz items, another terrific black Bates cafe racer jacket and the classic 1940’s Grizzly Jacket…

As fall quickly approaches we’ll be posting new items to the store. As always, if you’re interested in consigning some pieces feel free to contact me and we’ll get it squared away.

Enjoy the rest of your summer!

Vintage Langlitz Cascade Jacket 1

Vintage Langlitz Leather Pants 9

Bates Leather Jacket 1

Vintage Grizzly leather Jacket 1

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 1

Sold on eBay: RARE Original WW2 B-17 Painted A2 Leather Flight Jacket for $2,600

I love amazing WW2 apparel and the classic A2 leather flight jacket is right at the top of that list. Usually you don’t see beautifully painted A2 jackets like this one in this good of condition. The painting is bright and bold. It sold way back in June but deserves to be noted.

Aero Leather Clothing Company produced these jackets from the state of New York for the WW2 effort. (The Vintage Leather Jacket Blog put together a short little history on them here) From the contract number, this one was commissioned in May of 1942.

From the listing:

“This is a rare original WW2 B-17 Painted Leather Type A-2 Flight Jacket .. Manufactured by Aero Leather Clothing Co. , Beacon , New York .. Size 38 .. British whistle attached to collar hook .. Nice leather and lining .. Waistband has a couple of small holes and the back of cuffs are worn .. Overall condition for a jacket this age is very nice .. The jacket belonged to Victor J. Acampa , a B-17 flight engineer from New Jersey .. I purchased the jacket many years ago from Mr. Acampa’s nephew and this was the only info he had .. It’s been in my collection for many years and it’s now time to let someone else enjoy it”

Here are the auction details:

Rare Original WW2 B-17 Painted Leather A-2 Flight Jacket – French Dressing

Seller: vintage-wings / Hampden, MA
Price: $2,600
Label: Aero Leather Clothing Company . 38
Condition: “Nice Condition”

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 1
WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 2
WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 8
WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 7
WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 6

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 10

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 9

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 3

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 5

WW2 B-17 Painted Vintage A2 Leather Flight Jacket 4


1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 10

Sold on eBay: 1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Motorcycle Club Photo

Some of my favorite finds are the old panoramic shots from the early part of the century through the 1940’s. The beautiful settings, the level of quality detail, the fashion trends – all make these excellent slices of Americana at it’s finest. 

This photograph comes from a motorcycle club meeting outside Grider Cycle Shop in 1927. It sold on eBay by way of best offer. It was listed at $385. I wish I would have bought it because it’s a great photograph of classic motorcycle culture.

Here are the details:


Seller: miamisunshine / Miami, FL
Price: $385 : Best Offer
Condition: “very good condition”

(click images to enlarge)

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 10

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 8

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 7

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 9

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 2

1927 Panoramic Harley Davidson Dealership Photo 4

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 5

Sold on eBay: Vintage Ray Ban Woodies Wayfarer Sunglasses

Here’s an excellent example of the 1980’s vintage Ray Ban Woodies made back when Bausch & Lomb was calling the shots. Certainly unique and crafted right here in the US of A. Check out other classic Ray Bans here and here. More information from the seller’s listing:

“Up for sale is an amazing pair of vintage Ray Ban Woodies! These sunglasses are in NOS (New Old Stock) condition, and have never been worn. the Woodies were made in the late 80’s by B&L Ray-Ban, and only 500 exist, according to them… So finding a pair in this condition is very rare!”

And here are the auction details:


Seller: sunglassesboy10 / Lawrenceville, GA
Label: Bausch & Lomb Ray Ban
Condition: Deadstock

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 2

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 5

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 3

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 10

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 6

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 7

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 9


Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 8

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 4

Vintage Ray Ban Woodies 1

Vintage Ray Ban Box


Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 2

Sold on eBay: 1940’s CHIPPEWA Engineer Boots Logger Heel Size 8

Stellar pair of Chippewa engineer boots sold earlier this month with some gorgeous patina. From the listing:

“This is a very nice pair of Chippewa engineer boots and I think they are the 1940 model with a logger heel. They are very dark tobacco brown almost black. I took them to get conditioned and the repairman polished them brown even though I made a point of saying I wanted them black. I might have said a few million curse words. Anyway…. upside is they will match those great brown horsehide jackets and they are a one of a kind color. The horsehide leather is supple and solid, the straps are strong, buckles are good and the heels have a full horseshoe steel tap customized for throwing maximum sparks off the asphalt… I had the steel shanks re-sewn into the back seams and it looks good. These boots can probably be back to the original black again without too much trouble by a competent shoe repairman if you want them to be; but the rich brown black color has grown on me and they are a beautiful pair of boots with tons of original character.”

The brown color, while also being a consequence of the “incompetent” shoe polishing, comes from years of wear. These horeshide boots started out a black color and naturally took on a deep brown color. They are beautiful. Here are the auction details:


Seller: Stacy-4-11 / Seattle, WA
Price: $1,200
Label: Chippewa
Condition: “good”

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 2

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 1

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 3

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 4

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 10

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 11

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 9

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 12

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 8

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 6

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 5

Vintage Chippewa Engineer Boots 13